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The idea behind Totem tips was driven by the importance of knowledge sharing. Learning from others and, in return, sharing what you have learned can elevate the collaboration and innovation in all areas of life. 

Knowledge is often seen as a structure of information, however, a more precise definition is that it is about know-how and know-why.

A metaphor of knowledge:

mufins.png Looking at these ingredients, an analysis of its molecular formula is data (not very useful) you may not even be able to tell it will become muffins. A list of ingredients is information (more useful), an experienced cook could probably make the muffins. BUT here the recipe would be knowledge, written knowledge / explicit knowledge telling you how-to make the muffins. An inexperienced cook however, even with the recipe might not be able to make good muffins.

Know-why is also important. If one ingredient was unavailable, knowing the purpose of that ingredient might help a knowledgeable cook substitute an alternative.

In fact know-why is often more important than know-how as it allows you to be creative , to fall back on principles, to re-invent your know-how.

So my personal goal it's to share as much knowledge as I possibly can and to encourage you to take the same knowledge sharing path. Because, yes, if every business leader, commercial worker, scientist, artist, architect, political influencer, sports performer, teacher, firefighter, taxi driver father, mother, daughter and son simply share, we will have so much more creativity, beauty, peacefulness and love.”

Feel free to send me your ideas or tips to feed the Totem talks.

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